More than 1 900 contracts have been signed by representatives of the non-state sector and state-owned companies that facilitate their exports and imports of goods and services, since a policy authorizing and regulating that activity was approved in the summer of 2020.

“We already accumulated 1 987 contracts signed between Comex companies and FGNE (non-state management forms); 98 are for exports, growing by eight this week and those for the export of services stand out,” Vivian Herrera Cid, general director of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex), wrote on Twitter.

According to an earlier Mincex publication citing statements by Herrera, March had closed with 41 companies providing foreign trade services to the FGNEs.

In August 2020, regulations were approved in the country that opened the doors for foreign trade to the non-state sector and diversified the services and goods to be exported.

All this is part of the national development plan and the economic strategy for the post-COVID-19 recovery, which boost productivity and foreign exchange earnings.

Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, recently declared that this ministry consolidates actions for the promotion and diversification of exports, the effective substitution of imports and the obtaining of resources through commercial credits.