The close link between various entities to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness, made it possible for the Ceballos Agroindustrial Company to continue making its way into the world of exports, import substitution and internal trade, as a result of the creation in this province of the first agricultural export pole , three years ago.

Last year the portfolio of shipments abroad was made up of a wide range of products: aseptic mango pulp, MD-2 pineapple, fresh mango, Chile Habanero hot pepper, and marabou charcoal, while incorporating Persian lime, avocado , aloe, slices of mango in syrup, and pieces of mango in orange and pineapple juices; however, it was unable to meet the commitment to exceed nine million dollars through exports.

A severe blow to exports meant the resurgence of the blockade and the effects caused by COVID-19, between the two, causing that about 350 containers with marabou coal, with more than 6,600 tons of coal, remained in the port, while another 3,600 remained in the warehouses of the brigades themselves. Had it reached its destinations, fuel, the entity’s main exportable item, would have increased the income to the satisfaction of the Business Unit for the Production and Benefit of Coal, the company and the country, a chain that must be tightened in 2021, in both coal will be properly stored until operations are resumed.

As Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba, has reiterated about the importance of productive chains with the different actors in the economy, Agroindustrial Ceballos is a pioneer in this claim and maintains alliances with various organizations as part of this Export Pole in the center of the Island. From the beginning, it is made up of the agricultural companies La Cuba, Arnaldo Ramírez and Cubasoy; the departments of Soil and Plant Health of the territory; the Máximo Gómez Báez University and the Bioplants Center, attached to the higher education house, join the company Agropecuaria Integral Ciego de Ávila and the Caonao Valley, from Sancti Spíritus.

They are joined by COMCAVILA, the Hortícola Wilfredo Peña (Holguín); the agricultural companies Ruta Invasora, from Chambas, Arimao (Cienfuegos), and the agricultural company Obdulio Morales for the development of various crops and livestock; the Venegas Cattle Farm and the Caonao Valley Grain Agroindustrial, the last three from Sancti Spíritus (Sancti Spíritus). The Major General Ignacio Agramonte mechanical plant, from Camagüey; the Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara Military Industrial Company, from Villa Clara; Cuba Catering S.A; La Estancia S.A, and Tropical Contramaestre S.A., are also part of the chain. Engineer Alba Elizabet González Rodríguez, director of Empresa Agroindustrial Ceballos, told Granma that there are currently nine other contracts signed by non-state management actors, for a value of 286,500 USD, mainly for the commercialization of charcoal, fruit trees and meats.

González Rodríguez specified that last year for import substitution, the entity delivered to the Mariel Special Development Zone and to other joint ventures, such as Moa Nickel SA and Minera del Caribe, productions worth more than 180,000 convertible pesos, while shipments to La Estancia and Cuba Catering were around 573,000 convertible pesos.