For the first time since its foundation, the Grupo Empresarial Ganadero, belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, exports charcoal. Through the General Livestock Assurance and Services Company (EASIG) designated for such purposes, the marabou charcoal product was exported to Portugal.

Through this first operation it is intended to expand the external market for the commercialization of coal, which is a demanded product; as well as the export of other goods in development, without neglecting technical scientific services, both at the border and abroad.

Once the powers of Foreign Trade have been granted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) to the company, a number of opportunities open up, both for foreign entrepreneurs and for the national producers of the branch.

Without disregarding contractual commitments with different exporting companies, the EASIG manages its own export operations within the closed production and commercialization scheme, which establishes the entry and greater retention of liquid capacity towards and within the Ganadero Group. The foregoing is expected to lead to a higher rate of development of productive capacities in this sector.