The Ordinance Task, a process initiated in Cuba on January 1, 2021, is an incentive for the exports of the La Coloma Industrial Fishing Company, which contributes about 45 percent of the lobster sold by the Island.

Yordan Nogueira Tapia, deputy director of the entity, explained exclusively to ACN that it is one of the companies with the highest sales volumes to the international market of the Food Industry Business Group, hence its decision to allow them to retain the 40 percent of the income from exports as liquidity capacity (CL).

He explained that what was obtained will be reverted in the assurance of the necessary inputs for the production processes, certain investments and the payment of services to other companies; which undoubtedly represents greater autonomy of finances, since before it was the Group that provided CL.

With the Ordering Task, the sales values ​​of the products in the foreign market are multiplied by 24 – from the monetary and exchange unification – and that is the amount that the companies receive, he specified. In the case of lobster, the entity’s star product and with great efficiency from its capture to its commercialization, last year it represented a contribution of 20. 4 million pesos from sale for export; This figure is estimated to rise to 587.6 million in this calendar.

One kilogram of crustacean means for the company 350 pesos on average, which may vary depending on the assortment – he said -, for this reason the need to be more efficient from obtaining higher volumes in the capture and guarantee the fishermen the resources required. Made up of 61 vessels, the lobster fleet has a high technical availability coefficient, although some have difficulties with the engines, but the demand from suppliers has already been made, said Nogueira Tapia.

36.6 tons is the average catch of the company per vessel, so that the annual plan for lobster amounts to 2,232. The Fishing Company also uses other products for commercialization outside national borders, such as sea cucumber and cobo, which, although their figures are considered lower, also receive the benefits of the Ordering Task. The deputy director also highlighted the benefits in terms of wages for workers.

The value chain is based on lobster – the exportable item that generates the most income for the entity – and its efficiency levels support the other assortments, he added.