The Empresa Agroindustrial de Granos (EAIG) Sur del Jíbaro, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, is trying to reverse the delays in rice sowings, while continuing with the development of the agroindustry, in spite of the situation they have been facing for months with the fuel shortage.

Without giving up the commitment to plant 22,600 hectares of grain this year -a plan supported by the filling of the Zaza dam last November as a result of tropical storm Eta and heavy rains-, the EAIG located in this locality had planned to plant 11,700 hectares to date.

According to Orlando Linares Morell, general director of one of the most efficient industries of its kind in the country, they have already completed close to 10,700 hectares, but even though there is a volume of areas under earth movement, fuel limitations have prevented them from advancing further.

However, the executive highlighted the good performance of the harvest in the terraces that have already been cut, with agricultural yields between 5.5 tons per hectare and seven tons per hectare, indicators that speak in favor of the work deployed in the fields.

Despite the shortage of spare parts, a problem that the workers of the Spirito rice mill know how to deal with every year, a significant number of harvesting machines are ready to intervene in the harvest, as well as all the dryers.

The mechanization part, the wagons and the industry are ready, the manager ratified.

At the same time, Sur del Jíbaro continues to promote various crops and livestock, programs that have been considerably strengthened, without ignoring that among its debts is to increase the industrialization process of a greater volume of agricultural and livestock items, a matter that in a recent exchange with Salvador Valdés Mesa, Vice President of the Republic of Cuba, Linares Morell described as very necessary.

Today, the company is working on the completion of a fruit and vegetable processing center and is also planning a factory to obtain moringa powder; hence, agro-industrial development remains a priority for the company, which currently sells several products in the Mariel Special Development Zone and through virtual stores, the executive said.