Through the Tarafa Port, in the municipality of Nuevitas, to the northeast of this city, the first export of the year of the Camagüey Geomining Company is executed, which sells some 3,500 tons of chrome sand to European countries.

In addition to this product, used in alloys for foundry molds, the company sells rajón abroad, another of the mineral derivatives, and also substitutes imports by obtaining sand with a specific granulometry for the Antillana de Acero.

According to information provided to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) by José Luis Bello, head of the Operations Command Post of the maritime terminal, the loading of the merchandise began on the morning of this Monday and until after noon today the task It was marching in a favorable way, since 2,452 tons were located on the ship. New port workers work in three consecutive shifts and according to the agreement with the shipping company Nirint Shipping, owner of the Gotland ship, which requested the prompt dispatch, the tasks must be carried out in about three days, Raumel Hernández León, a commercial specialist, told ACN.

The Geominera Camagüey Company, the only exporting client of Puerto Tarafa, expects from the first quarter of the current calendar to sell about 50 thousand tons of chrome to the international market.

In this way, apart from obtaining income, it contributes foreign currency to the country, something very beneficial for the national economy at the moment, said Cinecio Morales Fernández, director of the Base Cromo Business Unit.

Despite the fact that the sand and stone export plan in 2020 was 72 percent, due to various causes, they were able to send part of their productions abroad, he remarked. La Geominera Camagüey has among its projects the sale of sand within the province to clean surfaces with a high degree of corrosion.