With immediacy, professionalism and authenticity through the development of artisanal artistic views adding virtues, the Cienfuegos subsidiary of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets (FCBC) will begin exporting products.

The main specialist of the FCBC Import and Export Group, Ericel Álvarez Estopiñales, highlighted the form of non-state management that includes artisan artists and self-employed workers. “Productions of high cultural value, he said, are made by artists and artisans of the Branch of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets in the province, who have recognized talent.

“We work in the survey of the main products that may have export capacity to the markets. We carry out market studies, mainly in the Caribbean and Latin American region ”, added Álvarez Estopiñales.

“To do this we set aside a workshop for the production of guayaberas, whose fundamental raw materials are already in our warehouses. The intention is to improve the machinery to raise the quality of this type of clothing ”, he specified.

Some products are identified in the spaces where they sold for tourism, and according to Ericel “we work with a creator from the province on the subject of fibers, mainly those for furniture.

“I am referring to handicrafts for tobacco such as packaging in different formats, and works with fibers, which come from the hands of the artisan Rodolfo Carvajal”, he pointed out. Ericel also mentioned some of the minor percussion musical instruments such as “the batá, the bongo, the checkeré and the African keys, included in the listed exportable funds”.