With the Global Launch of the “Green Havana Club”, held in Germany in the spring of 2020, the German market is consolidated as the main destination of this Cuban export item.

Havana Club Verde is considered a spirit drink based on Havana Club Rum. It is the first Havana Club product infused with botanicals and citrus fruits, mixed with tonic water, it provides a very refreshing flavor. Its flavor is the combination of white rum with natural herbs and spices and citrus fruits that are rounded off with the sweetness of Cuban honey.

The German market constitutes the first, after the Cuban domestic market, for Havana Club Internacional S.A. During 2020, this position was consolidated with the launch of the Havana Club Verde, reporting sales of more than 37 thousand boxes, in the first 5 months.

The product is present in practically the entire German distribution chain, being a product of great popularity and acceptance by customers. Exports of this leading category remained in 2020 regardless of the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which shows that innovation in the Cuban rum industry has continued to advance amid difficult world conditions.

The Havana Club brand has been distributed in the German market since 1994 by Pernod Ricard Germany, from the constitution in 1993 of the mixed capital company Havana Club International S.A., between the corporation Cuba Ron S.A. and the French group Pernod Ricard.