Cuba Ron S.A. begins this 8 November its journey towards the Corporation’s 29th year and is already preparing to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023, according to a press release sent to our editorial office.

The communiqué highlights the sustained growth of the organisation, committed to the tradition of a product that is an identity product of the Cuban nation.

The Corporation reaches its 28th anniversary after multiple changes in its work dynamics due to the conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “The current and recent sanitary context invited us to rethink and redesign our production, commercialisation and marketing processes, which allowed us to fulfil our production plans and the planned exports,” the text states.

During this time, in the business sphere, relations with our commercial partners and alliances with joint ventures and international economic associations were consolidated. Also, new business intentions were projected to expand Cuba Ron’s portfolio of services, inside and outside the island, the communiqué adds.

“Our rum factories have worked tirelessly and continue to be the main stage for the creation of authentic Cuban rum. Under a unique mystique of history, identity and culture, in its spaces converge essential ingredients for the exquisite blend of the true Cuban rum, in a special way, the care of our Master Rum Makers, whose knowledge and factory spaces become Cultural Heritage of the Nation and aspire to integrate the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

By 2022, the corporation hopes to share with its members, friends and followers at fairs and events that will make its cooperative work more visible, as well as projecting new commercial and business strategies.

They also aspire to turn their work projections towards the strengthening of agreements with universities and teaching centres, which reflect the continuous search for new values that support with scientific approaches the forms of production of Cuban rum, developed over more than 155 years.

Next year, Cuba Ron will be celebrating the centenary of its flagship ageing cellar, Bodega Don Pancho, located in the historic Santiago de Cuba rum factory. At the same time it will also be celebrating 160 years of Cuban light rum.