Cuba, for the control it has of the pandemic of;in the region, assured to the press Angel Sanchez, director of operations of the hotel chain Roc Hotels, for the Caribbean area, at the Roc Arenas Doradas, in this city.

It is obvious that if there is a country that stands out in the management of the epidemic worldwide is Cuba, the incidence of cases is not significant when compared with surrounding countries and outside the environment, he said.

The hotel expert referred that the island is a safe destination, “we are convinced that, if it is not the safest, it is among them, and that is the basis that will help us to continue growing, now we restart with the Russian market, thanks to compliance with the protocols is our second experience during the pandemic stage, as we reopen in November 2020”.

We depend not only on the controls of the Cuban state, but also on the management of the situation in other countries, which prevent the arrival of a greater number of tourists to the Antillean nation; but we hope to recover part of the European market and Canada will soon give us good news, the hotelier announced.

During the period of inactivity due to COVID-19, the Roc Arenas Doradas hotel, in Cuba’s Hicacos Peninsula, received improvements in a large part of the facility, the lobby and the folder were renovated, and its 316 rooms are ready to receive vacationers, Mirielys Miranda, deputy commercial director in Varadero, told ACN.

The Spanish chain Roc Hotels has Barlovento, Varadero and Arenas Doradas in the resort, Lagunas del Mar in Cayo Santa María, and the Presidente Hotel in Havana, an icon of architecture and comfort.