In the province of Santiago de Cuba they consolidate the production of important items such as exportable funds and others that will constitute it, to respond to the main challenge of the Cuban economy, which is to produce everything necessary in the national territory.

New investments and the completion of others, in 2021, validate the obligatory productive chains in pursuit of food sovereignty and to fully exploit the capacities and technologies not used in companies, said in this city, Bernardino Prieto, director of Economy and Planning of the provincial government.

Challenging the unjust economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba, which prevents the acquisition of parts, pieces and equipment in better conditions, factories that strengthen import substitution were concluded, said the manager.

He mentioned, the Biofertilizer Plant, recently inaugurated in Palma Soriano, which reduces expenses in fertilizers and bioproducts that are imported for sugarcane, non-sugarcane agriculture and agroindustry. Prieto distinguished the town of Contramaestre, where the Grain Processor strengthens its work for the benefit of beans and corn in search of higher quality animal feed, also the execution of investments in the irrigation infrastructure with modern systems in the productive pole of Laguna Blanca and two mini-industries for fruit processing.

Others are the capital repair of the Soybean Processing Plant, in this city, to increase the volumes of edible oils for consumption and increase the export of soy lecithin, the execution of the Los Reynaldo Feed factories, in Songo La Maya and in Santiago de Cuba, the San Luis warehouse base and the Palma Soriano aqueduct. In the first quarter of the year, the investments in the rehydration salts plant end, with the capacity to produce eight million units, enough to cover national demand and convert them into exportable items, plus the expansion of the serum line that will expand its assortments, both from the Pharmaceutical Program run by Laboratorios del Oriente.

The government leader assured the commitment to work to advance the new cement factory to produce 1.2 million tons and that it is relevant for the economic development of the province and the eastern part of the island. Vladimir Díaz, Intendant of Contramaestre, reaffirmed to the ACN the condition of exporter of that Santiago territory, with important entities such as the mixed company Tropical SA with the industrial process of fruits, in more than twenty lines for the extraction and packaging of food . In agriculture, other lines for tourism are increased, in addition to honey and coffee, with sales in the Mariel Special Development Zone and other ports, the Fisheries expands the foreign commercialization of freshwater lobster and increases the spectrum with red tilapia and colossoma, said the Mayor.